Useful Tips to Improve Your Web Design Skills

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Useful Tips to Improve Your Web Design Skills

When designing a website for a certain company, you must have in mind who is your target audience. Also, always take a step back and think about some new approaches.
Here are some useful shortcuts, tricks, advices and tips for designing a great website and that will place your skill on a higher level and how to make creation site internet quimper:

1) Use shades of gray, and then add color

By doing this, you will not ‘’overdesign’’ a website you are working on. Also, it will assist you in giving the prominence to the items that need it.

2) Use Keynote in order to create rapid page prototypes

No Photoshop is needed in order to create rapid prototypes of web and landing pages, some other web interface elements, and call to actions because a whole underground movement around Keynote to make mockups exists.

Web_fonts3) Add web fonts

Make sure to add web fonts to your corporate style guide so that your website possesses governance that corporation of the documents and collateral has. For instance, check Google Fonts.

4) Hide those social media icons

If you place social media icons in the header for example, you are automatically inviting people who visit your website to leave. So, in order for this not to happen, place those social media icons somewhere else, in the footer for instance. Social media should not send people from your website, but vice versa.

5) Get rid of the slideshow

Why should you ditch the slideshow? Slideshow serves so as to get as much information as possible by staying on the first webpage. However, most people stay on the page for a short period of time and they do not get to see all the messages and tiles.

6) Simplify navigation!6

BRO_NavigationBlog_1Try reducing options for the visitors of the website you are designing. It can assist them to find the content because of which they visited the website in the first place. So, make your navigation simpler and also eliminate dropdown menus and multi-tier dropdown navigation.

7) Eliminate sidebars

For the last 10 years has the sidebar been very popular web design trend, but mostly on blogs. However, a great number of companies claim that by removing sidebars from blogs, readers’ attention is encouraged to the call to action and the article itself.

8) Get color inspiration from nature

If you are struggling to discover a color combination that is the most perfect for a certain website then you should look deeply into nature. You can, for example, take photos of nature with your own camera or search for photos of landscape online; then, in order to pick a color, use a color picker. You will not make a mistake by using nature’s color palette.

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9) Step away from the computer

It is always good for your design to plan, put your ideas on paper, adding details, and refining the design. Also, if you draw the design on a whiteboard, you make it possible for other people that are in your team to help you; collaboration.

Good Luck!

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